Friday, November 18, 2011

Only Just Now When Uploading These Images Did I Realize That These Were All Drinking Utensils. Status: Fresh Garage (re?) Find.


I was out in the Garage looking for my (vintage) staple gun the other night when I stumbled upon the retro swirly glasses in a box.  I didn't dig further 'cuz I knew the stapler wouldn't be in there but then I was looking for the X-mas decorations last night and I wanted to check further in that box and look what else I found!  It's like the best Garage sale you've ever been to in there sometimes...'cuz it's all cool stuff and it's already mine!

Once again, I'm sort of at a loss as to exactly when and where these were purchased. There

is a clue on the back of the Tiki glasses as they have Huki Lau, Metairie La. printed on their

backs. I must have gotten them in New Orleans or nearby. The Libbey "fish" parfait glasses

had a string tied to the stem so I'm thinking they must have come from an antique mall. I

probably got this whole lot from a shop / small antique mall on Magazine St. that sadly is no

longer there. It was right across the street from the Funky Monkey vintage clothing shop on

Magazine in New Orleans. It was one of those great eclectic shops that had Very expensive

stuff as well as Very reasonable items too. I wish I could remember what it was called but

that is neither here nor there.


Ya gotta love you some retro glassware like this! I also have a set of tall glasses like this

somewhere that I need to find and clean up. These are basically just Rolly Poly glasses that

have some sort of plasticy covering with those great swirls. I am koo koo for the swrils, be

they plastic swirls on glassware or the white on black swirls of porcelain on steel '50s



Tiki mugs or glasses (I have a hard time calling something a "glass" that isn't actually made of

glass...yet a "mug" should have a handle...right?) that mention an actual place, restaurant or bar

are the best! I have some "Highlander" mugs from a place here in St. Louis that I just love. It's

too bad there aren't many of these places left to frequent. The closest thing to a Tiki bar that I

can figure we have here in St. Louis is The Way Out Club on Jefferson ave. near Gravois rd.

One of these days I'll have to get down there and shoot some pics of the joint so I can do a

proper posting on it.


I once had a nice set of six of these Libbey Fish glasses. I found them at a little retro shop over

in Belleville Il. a few years ago and they were cheap. I was so proud of them! I got such a great

bargain and they are so hard to least cheaply. I had them displayed up with my other

cool drinkware next to the bar in the livingroom lounge. Then I had a buyer come by to look at

something or another and she brought a friend with her. While I was showing whatever it was I

was selling that day the friend was over picking out all the drinkware that she wanted to take

home with her. She finally asked "how much" for her little group of glasses and I had to tell her

that she had been going through my personal collection and that Most of that wasn't available!

She was truly disappointed and begged me to reconsider. I looked through what she had and

told her that anything without a "pattern" (like the fish!) was OK. She really wanted the fish and

offered me like $80 for the six of them. Ohhhhh....I really didn't want to sell them. But...well,

everything has a price tag when it comes down to it, doesn't it! Maybe finding these in the

Garage will spur my luck in finding more of these. Two more and I'll be happy!


  1. Back in July I posted about finding a set of 8 tall and 4 short fish pattern tmblers just like yours. I love yhat pattern (it's "bopfish-o-rific")!

  2. I have two of those fish glasses! I love putting beer in them and seeing the fish "blow bubbles"! And like you, I too would like a couple more of them. :)

  3. hi! remember me?! [annoying "i-want-your-aqua-acorn-glasses-girl"]

    i have 6 of these (tall and short straight sided glasses) found here:

    AND one of the "parfait" glasses (not pictured in my etsy listing)...let me know if you want to work out a trade!

    happygovintage (on Etsy) or


  4. Bopfish - I remember that post! Your blog is great and I highly recommend that everybody go check it out. How's Bubba doin'?

    Diana - They do look a lot like Pilsner glasses and I often use them to "class up" my PBR or Stag!

    Sabo - Sent ya an e-mail! Didn't realize you were so close!

  5. I also have a thing for vintage glassware, and tiki mugs. I'm constantly finding cool ones, but then I have to edit mine down or sell them because I'm running out of room! I was so obsessed with those fish glasses at one point, I almost bid on some on ebay, which is something I don't usually do. Thanks for sharing. :)