Monday, October 5, 2015

Ahhh...Nice! More Knoll / Saarinen Armchairs! You Only See Five Right Here But I Assure You That There Are Nine Total. Hey, It's Hard To Shoot Nine Chairs All At Once! Status: Available.


Aren't these fantastic!  I managed to procure Nine Knoll / Eero Saarinen tilt swivel rolling armchairs a few days ago...and what a crazy chore it was to get them all in the back of Frank.  Believe me, it weren't easy!


Yeah, I had to pull each base off of each chair to fit these all in the back of the Focus Wagon, but they did fit.  Then I had to re-assemble the lot again when I brought them into the booth at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Really makes ya appreciate power tools!  I was smart enough to not only bring my cordless drill to put these back together but also a backup standard drill that, turns out, I needed 'cuz the battery died on the cordless!


Nice looking material, right?  They were a little dusty but in good condition.  These Knoll chairs are built to last.  The cushion foam is the perfect balance between firm and cushy and, if the one I have been using for years is any indication, it's super durable.  The upholstery feels like it'll be there for the long haul as well and seems like it'd be easy to keep clean.  Guess what I'm saying is - put your butt in one of these Knoll / Saarinen chairs and you won't be needing to put it in anything else again for quite a while.


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