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Friday, November 16, 2012

Picked Up A Couple Little Items On My Way Into Work Today. It Never Hurts To Take A Quick Look. Status: Snatched.


There wasn't much at the Salvation Army thrift store up the street from me today.  Actually, there was a pair of danish style end tables with drawers that I almost bought a week ago but the line was WAY too long and WAY too slow.  Upon second look / chance I noticed how badly treated these were and decided to pass. Dodged a bullet.

But I did manage to find a new Tiki glass / mug to add to the collection.  This one is a Tiki Farm

piece - manufacturer of fine Tiki collectibles.  A lot of the mugs I've got are just generic made in

china pieces.  It's nice to find a nicer one once in a while.  And it's great the Tiki Farm ID's the

artist (Squid, this one) and dates (2003) them.


Don't that roaring fire in the back ground make you feel all warm and cozy?  Does me!  I am thus

far thoroughly enjoying the mildly cool fall we are having.  The only other item I found on the shelves

was this set of four restaurant quality Buffalo China coffee mugs.  These are super heavy duty, yet

very pretty at the same time.  I love that deep red decorated lip.  These are destined for the booth

at the Green Shag Market...which will be changing a bit soon.  Keep your ears and eyes open!

1 comment:

  1. Did the Dunn Road Salvation Army in Florissant move?