Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today, Just On A Whim, The Girlfriend And I Hit An Estate Sale Just Up The Street From Home. There Were A Few Cool Items Left For Us To Forage Even Though It Was The Crack Of One. Sometimes You Don't Need To Be The Early Bird! Status: Gettin' Tagged For The Booth.


I've got a matching snack bowl in this atomic pattern around here somewhere...pretty sure, and I can't seem to find a blog post on it either...and I'm sure I've done one.  That's kind of frustrating since I'd love to leave you a link to said post.  Grrrr.


Usually seems like you find service sets like this either in absolutely unused near mint condition or

heavily used, tarnished, decoration wore off nearly wore out condition.  This set seems to have

missed both of those marks as it has obviously been used, but is still in great shape and falls closer to

the unused area of the spectrum.  Plus, it's complete...only lacking the original packaging.  I've found

a couple other carafes like this but this is the first full on service set with a candle warmer base, sugar

bowl and creamer bowl.  Not a bad score for a casual estate sale pick!


Yeah, I had no intention of going to any estate sales today...much less this morning!  After rolling out

of bed around noon and skimming through c-list I got bored and thought maybe there might be a

couple of estate sales close enough by that we could just make it to them before they shut for the day. 

Sure enough, there was a good one just about a half mile from home.  They had some good stuff there

too.  Made me wonder what we might have missed by arriving so late.  No worries though, we scored

some bargains both for our personal use as well as for the booths.  This's for the booth.


  1. I figure you would've gotten them, I saw them yesterday around noon and took a gamble on that and the bar cart they were on, didn't get the corning but I did get the bar cart this morning for half off

    1. Hi Alex.

      Was the crazy priced dining set still available on Sunday? It was a nice enough set but even at half their asking I wasn't taking it home.