Friday, April 25, 2014

HA! I Only Got To Utilize One Of The Three Recently Found Loose Buffet Lids But I Did Procure A Pair Of 8 1/2" Corning Ware Skillets To Add To The Collection. Status: Tossed On The Pile!


This new pair of skillet pans aren't actually labeled Buffet Server, but they are Corning Ware and share the same clean design, and the handles and lids fit just the same.


The smaller skillet is a piece from an earlier lot that I've already featured here.  I just threw it in the

shots for comparison as it is an actual piece of Buffet Server.  As you can plainly see, they are

identical.  I'm guessing that when the Buffet Server line was discontinued some or perhaps all the

pieces lived on as just standard undecorated Corning Ware.


This is the one extra long removable handle that I have.  It was still living in the rear seat floorboard

of Frank the focus wagon from our last trip to the Canton First Monday Trade Days...over a year

ago!  I finally remembered to pull it out and toss it in the mix.  I'd love to have a nice collection of

this style handle...maybe five or compliment the pots, pans and skillets but these are pretty

elusive.  That's OK, I've got plenty of time to find 'em.  It took a while to build up the pots and pans

and they all came in time.  Same will happen with the handles.

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