Monday, April 7, 2014

::Sigh:: I Wish I Had Better Pics For This Post But I Just Ran Out Of Daylight Today. Still, I Wanted To Post About These Great Club Chairs I Picked Up Last Night. They Certainly Are A Stricking Design, Don'tcha Think? Status: Almost Ready.


You might think these are a cousin to the Selig "Z" Chair I've got.  Maybe the "Y" chair?  Why not?!  These club chairs are both substantial and sleek and are just waiting to add a touch of class to my spaces at The Green Shag AND The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur!

Sadly, I had to work this afternoon when I would have liked to have been shooting these photos.  I

had to take advantage of what light I had when I got home, and it was waning fast.  Maybe I'll

re-shoot the pics tomorrow and update the photos.  These pics really aren't doing the set justice.  You

can't even see that the legs are a deep Mahogany stained wood.  They just look black in these pics.


I spotted the set on craigslist a little over a week ago and thought they looked interesting enough that

they lodged in my brain somewhere.  Meanwhile I was searching for an ID for some scoop chair or

another using Google Images when I stumbled across this!  Hmmmm....maybe (I thought) I should go

back to craigslist and see if maybe I can find those chairs again, right?  They certainly seemed to look

like those and these (scroll down after clicking through).  I found the ad and sent off an e-mail.  The

sellers didn't get back to me right away but we finally got in contact and last night I was finally able

to procure the set of four. 


The problem now is...these chairs have tags on the bottom stating a manufacture date of 2007!  And

by a company called Best Chairs Inc.  Turns out they are a contemporary production version called

the Tatiana
of the vintage chairs manufactured by Karpen.  This presents about as many questions as

it answers!  Did Karpen, which was purchased by Schnadig Corporation in the '50s, later become the

Best Chair Company...or did Best Chair buy the design...or is it a blatant rip off?  I can't classify it as

a reproduction since it's not like this is the best known chair design in the world!  What's your



  1. hmmm those chairs look similar to my great grandma's pink chair -- which is awaiting new upholstery. :)

    1. Hi Kate.

      Wow, yeah...there really is a family resemblance! Are there any tags on yours? Maybe they ARE Karpen.

  2. Just checked the label under the chair, it says:
    Nemschoff Chairs, Inc., Sheyboygan, Wis.
    This article contains all new material
    Cat no. 110, Finish Oak, Or. No. M1587, Cover 5471-F

    So not Karpen, but perhaps a Wisconsin Cousin???

  3. They're made by America's Best Furniture Company. We have chairs with this identical fabric. There's a store in South County near Lindbergh and 55.