Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Need A Little Light Shed On Your Desk Or Work Area? Wouldn't You Just Love To Have This Vintage Extension Lamp Reaching Out To Brighten Up Your Day? Status: Headed To The Shag.


This vintage industrial work lamp was another score from out of town.  I picked it up from the same antique mall where I found the Arthur Umanoff wine cart.  That was BIG mall.  The only other thing I found there was a baggy of slides that I have yet to go through.  Soon enough.


I was hoping to shoot better pictures of the chairs I featured yesterday, today...unfortunately it was a

rainy mess outside today so that didn't happen.  Instead I pulled this out.  Little rain can't keep a Mr.



The great thing about these industrial type work pieces is that they have that crossover appeal.  They

can look right at home inside the home or office when surrounded by the right complimentary pieces

or...they can simply be used as intended, in a shop or garage!  


The reason this is going to The Shag is a simple one.  There's pegboard in my booth there and I can

mount this more easily on that than on the cinder block or drywall.  Plus, I always need more light in

the booth there.  Seems like every time I get the light in there right, all my lamps go bye bye!

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  1. Mod B has a lamp very similar to this - maybe a wee bit smaller, but same concept, and it's mounted right near my side of the bed. PERFECT For reading at night when I don't want to bother Retro Roadhusband!