Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Made A Trip To The South Side Of St. Louis To Look At A Lane Perception Dresser That Turned Out To Be A Fail, But Got To Stop By TFA...And Actually Bought Something! Status: Project Time!


Yeeeup, I'm makin' another Cypress top table!  I picked up a great little (weirdly little) table at The Future Antiques retro shop that has a neat top and a fantastic base.  But the top and base don't really go scale wise...right?  So a new top is in order.  Just so happens....


I'm guessing that this was created as a TV table.  It's top is only big enough for maybe a 29" fatback

TV and I can't think of anything else this might have been built for.  Who still has a fatback TV?  So,

off comes that top (to be used in another project later!) leaving us with a beautiful aluminum

(aluminium?) architectural table base.


And what better top for a strongly structural base than a big dark orange / brown fried egg?  This is

another of the Cypress tops that I picked up a few months ago (I've still got TWO more!).  They

really look good together don't they, just like the other I built recently.  I would have dropped this off

at The Shag today but I thought I was going to pick some chairs up after a late brunch at Rooster

today, but that got put off until later today.  Maybe tomorrow.  We'll see.

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