Monday, April 28, 2014

Ah, The Elusive Cherry Red Weber Kettle Bar-B-Que. I Found Another Beautiful Vintage Pit Over The Weekend But It's A Mess. Status: Ready For The Season!


I didn't have time thoroughly clean this up before shooting the pics, but I didn't know when I'd have time to finish the job so I went ahead and did the deed.  Believe me, it looks A LOT better now than it did before I cleaned what I did!


The good news is that most of what you see on the kettle will come off with some elbow grease.  It's

just burnt on carbon and I was able to remove at least this much more before pulling out the camera. 

The enamel is in very good shape for the most part and the cherry red color is bright and shiny!  Even

the wood handle is in good shape.


The edge of the cover does have a few dings and a bit of enamel loss.  It's just what happens to these

older Webers if they're used much at all.  And that this kettle isn't perfect (unlike my other red one!)

just means that I wouldn't have any issue using it as a day to day...well, weekend to weekend

Bar-B-Que pit.  Dinged lid or no, there was no way I was going to leave this lovely beast behind. 

Red Webers are just too hard to find.


Yeah, this came from the same estate sale where the Drexel Declaration nesting tables were procured

Saturday morning.  That turned out to be a great sale and overall a great day.  We even managed to

finally get out to the Skyview Drive In to catch a flick.  It wasn't the best picture (Transcendence with

Johnny Depp) and we had already seen the second movie so we split between the two.  Added

benefit: I was able to get to bed early enough that getting up at dawn for the Wentzville flea wasn't so

traumatic!  Yep, first Wentzville flea visit of the season too!  What a great weekend.  Hope yours was

good too.

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  1. Hey, beautiful redhead! Check out the if you haven't already. It's a fun site for bbq and kettle enthusiasts.