Sunday, April 27, 2014

Drexel, DREXEL, DREXEL! Mr. Modtomic Somehow Managed To Get Pretty Lucky At An Offhand Estate Sale Visit This Morning. 20 Minutes After Opening And I Still Pretty Much Had The Pick Of Any Of The Good Stuff! Status: I DO Declare.


The joint was loaded with Drexel Declaration and after arriving a mere 10 minutes before opening and receiving the much coveted #62 line ticket I found that everything I might have wanted (less the Declaration coffee table / bench) was still available to be had.  What the WHAT?!


I'd almost say that this was unprecedented but St. Louis is weird like this.  Feast or Famine.  I guess it

just depends of how the other hunters are stocked.  If there's been a good season and everybody has

plenty to rest their laurels on I guess they have to concentrate on moving merch.  I know there's been

plenty of estate sales that I've passed on for the combination of lack of want and a want of sleep.

This estate sale turned out to be the perfect combination of kinda wanting and still getting a decent

nap in before heading out...and lack of competition for the goods!  Number 62!!!


Alas, I hesitate to call this a super score since the price gave me pause.  Matter of fact, I didn't grab

these right up upon seeing them.  I took a stroll through the rest of the house...and garage...and

basement, before returning to further mull the opportunity again.  My love of Drexel Declaration and

Kipp Stewart designs won out and I snatched the tag.  And guess what!  I've already cleaned them up

and dropped them off at The Green Shag Market (Booth #5) for your immediate perusal!  Yup, if you

should find yourself in need of Three small tables...but only have room to store ONE small table....

this is the set you've been waiting for!  I dropped off a few other goodies too and some older stuff is gone

so you should get down there and check out Everybody's new stuff!  In the mean time, look for Mr.

M at the Wentzville Flea Sunday morning!

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