Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Don't Get Out To The Other Shops Around Town Often Enough. I Stopped In At The Future Antiques A Few Days Ago And Was Surprised By All The Beautiful Broyhill. Status: Amazed!


Everybody here knows that Brasilia is Mr. Modtomic's favorite Broyhill Premier line...but TFA only had one piece in house at the time I was there.  They certainly didn't lack for other lines to make up for it!  Sculptra, Saga and even a couple of pieces of Forward 70 were well represented.


There were several full dining suits in the Saga line.  You don't normally find this many pieces of

Saga...anywhere.  It kinda made me wonder if maybe they had found some secret stash or something. 

Nope, just got a couple of good buy outs.  Right now the joint is rife with the Broyhill.


I didn't pay it too much mind until I noticed the Saga living room tables.  I've never seen coffee or

end tables from the Saga line before.  I'm betting that many of you have never seen them before

either.  I felt it was maybe a good idea to document them while I had the chance.  They had a pair of

end tables, a corner table and a coffee table with a drawer. 


One other piece they had that I'd never come across before was a Saga server.  I really wish I had

brochures for all the different lines and pieces available.  The only servers I had even seen before

these were the Brasilia servers.  Granted, I've never looked for any in the other lines...but I've seen

plenty of the Brasilia line on craigslist.


There were only two pieces of the Forward 70 line, but that's at least one more than I've seen

anywhere else...well, except at an estate sale a few years ago.  Still, it's a pretty rare sighting.  Have

you ever seen a Forward 70 server?  I haven't...until now.  See below.


Yup, two more servers!  A Sculptra and a Forward 70.  Did I tell ya?  Tons of Broyhill!!!  Just not

much Brasilia.  Of course, there's lots of other good stuff at The Future Antiques...there always is. 

This is one of the first places I think of to send people who are in from out of town doing a little

shopping.  Even if you don't leave with something you'll still be amazed by the enormous and

overwhelming selection of good stuff.


  1. I've got a Saga brochure that had been lovingly tucked into one of the drawers of my Saga sideboard by the original owners. I'll dig it out and scan if for you if you're interested. There are a bunch of pieces on it that I've never seen in person.

    1. Hi Alison.

      Yes Please! If you do I promise to put a permanent link up of both the Broyhill Brasilia II and the Saga. Most people already know were to get the original Brasilia PDF brochure already.

    2. Alison - Any luck on scanning in the brochure? My wife and I collect Saga and we have a very blurry photograph another collector sent us of a laminated sales sheet, but a clear version of the sales sheet would be very much appreciated. We also bought a copy of a different sales sheet someone is peddling on eBay (for example:

      Mr. M - we have to thank you for the heads up on this wonderful Saga find. TFA asks a lot for their large pieces, but we were able to scoop up the serving cart and corner table and spirit them away back to Michigan. I wish we'd had room to snag that desk from your store too, but the Escape only had so much room.

  2. Is the corner table the one with the glass top? Was there only one of those? The end tables on top of the coffee table (with some kind of design on the tops), how do you know they are Saga? I've never seen end tables from the Saga collection that looked like that at all. I'm dying to find matching night stands, I know TFA only has one (I'd take anything from the line as far as end tables/night stands, as long as it's a pair).

    1. Hi Anony.

      Both the corner table AND the coffee table have glass on them, but the two small square tables on top of the coffee table are just some random accent tables, not the Saga end tables. One of the Saga end tables is shown in the opening photo of this post, the other is actually on top of the square corner table. Sorry I forgot to shoot that one in full! If you're looking for a set of nightstands, I'd say buy what you can find, when you can find it. That's how I cobbled together my set of Brasilia night stands. But...I did recently see another single Saga night stand somewhere, I just can't remember where. It may have been local (perhaps at Treasure Aisle, Big Bend Antique Gallery, St. Clair Antique Mall or even South County Antique Mall?) or it may have been at one of the couple antique malls that we visited in the Ozarks. ::shrug::

    2. Thanks for the heads up. Please if you see the other again in the STL area, let me know. I'll be coming down there around Easter. I live closer to Columbia. There was a single night stand about a month back on the KC craigslist and my bf talked me out of going there to try and buy it because he's dead set on the thought that we can get a pair at once (he doesn't understand fully how impossible this actually is, I know). I will scour the STL shops when I go there in a couple of weeks, but if you see it in the meantime during one of you trips, can you please post a reply here so I know exactly where to go? Which antique malls did you visit in the Ozarks? It's worth a trip if I can call and find out if they have them/ I appreciate it, Mr. Mod.

  3. Hi, I am very new to MCM furniture, but I did come across 2 of the Broyhill Saga living rooms tables you have posted in your opening picture. Can you tell me what they are worth approx? I paid $5 each on craigslist. Thanks so much!