Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ahhhh...It's Finally The Weekend! You Have A Long One Too? Of Course, Just 'Cuz It's The Weekend Don't Mean Mr. M Gets To Rest. I Gots To Clean Up This Copco Lidded Pot And Get It And A Load Of Other Stuff To The Booths. Status: Never Ends.


Apparently a couple of large items left the booth at The Green Shag Market late last week.  I shoulda gotten in there today but, know how it is.  Up 'til 3am doing bloggy stuff makes it tough to drop by before work.


Not a whole lot of these out there on the internets.  There are tons of other Micheal Lax designs for

Copco, but this style is somewhat elusive.  It's a killer design and you'd think you'd see them all over

the place.  At least on Etsy, right?  But alas...there aren't even many on eBay.  Therefore, I have no

idea what it approximate real world value might be.  I'll just have to guess.


So if you're in the area Saturday afternoon you might get a chance to meet Mr. M. down at The Shag. 

Stop in and say hi!  I love to talk shop with interested folks.  Also, if you're headed to the Skyview

Drive In Saturday night, look for a Silver Ford Focus Wagon with the Retro Roadtrip sticker in the

center of the back window.  That'll be us!  Again, stop and say hi!

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