Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey Look! They're Almost Twinzies! Yup, I Found A Second Kromex Tidbit Server At That Last Estate Sale We Hit. The Original Is Still Going Nowhere, But This New One...It's Getting Tagged Up For The Shag! Status: Available.


They're the same...but different.  Both are Kromex but check out the platters.  Kinda funky, that.  Anyway, the one in back is sticking around the house, but the one up front is headed out to the booth.


These tidbit serving platters are great for parties.  I don't get to use much of what I've collected over

the years for entertaining, but using this is a no brainer.  It's stainless steel...indestructible!  I threw a

couple different kinds of candy on it for our last Nightmare Before Christmas party.  Nobody ate the

Coffee Nips....weirdos.  Of course, everybody loved the Girlfriends mint chocolate candies.  Ick.


The point is, you can offer something for everyone with one of these!  What else can we think of to

serve off of one of these?  Mini cup cakes?  Check!  Baby Back Ribs?  Probably not.  Four pieces of

Pecan Pie?  Oh Please Yes!  Ain't this fun?!  Hungry yet?  I am.  Where's my Coffee Nips.  Think

those have caffeine in 'em?  Hope not.

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  1. Mr. Modtomic - help!! :)