Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Good Friend Hannah, From "Second Hand" Has Recently Expanded Her Claim At The Green Shag Market Giving Her The Room To Properly Spread Out. Status: Must Be Doing Something Right!


The Shag recently lost M Is For Modern but the new tenant is picking up a little of the slack left behind and Hannah has expanded her territory, so all is good in the land of Green Shag.  You'll never want for Vintage Modern goodness in this joint.


Hannah's new booth is just across the aisle from her old smaller booth.  It's nice to see that she's able

to properly showcase some of her larger items now.  For us Mid Century Modern vendors it's almost

a necessity to have a double wide unless you are really committed to smalls.  It only takes two or

three large items to make your month profitable, but if you've only got room for a couple of those

items...well, you better choose wisely!


Alternatively, you can work on making full use of your standard single booth, like Jeff Swift does,

and stick mainly with large items...but it's still a tough call as to how to allocate your space.  In this

vendor's humble opinion, it's better to be able to allow for some more specialized items to hang

around and still have the space for plenty of quicker flips too.  If you've got the space for that AND a

couple of shelves of smalls you've got the best of all worlds!  You can pretty much rely on the smalls

to cover your rent and wait with some confidence for the larger items to find a new home.  It's always

a little nerve wracking to invest even more in space...believe me, I know of what I speak...but I'm

certain that Hannah will reap the benefits soon enough.


  1. Her booth looks amazing! I am sure she will do well. I'm kinda thinking I want a booth...hmmmmm. ;)

    1. Hi Myssie.

      If you're even thinking about doing it, you should put your name on a list at a couple of antique malls. Getting space is tough! It can take months for something to open up.