Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here's An Odd Lot That I Picked Up Last Weekend At The Estate Sale Just Up The Street. It's A Seven Piece Bar-B-Que Tool Set In Stainless Steel With Beautiful Hardwood Handles! Status: Available.


You know what this means...Yup! It's grillin' time!  If you're a serious griller ya gotta have the serious tools and if you're reading this blog, you probably want those tools to be as stylish as you are.  This is that set.


The blades and sorted other metal bits area all stainless steel while the tactile areas are all hardwood,

Walnut I think.  There's even real leather tassels to hang some of the tools with.  The Four on the left

are all pretty obvious in their purpose.  The small one had the Girlfriend guessing.  It's for cleaning

the grill.  The Three on the right are less obvious.  The middle one looks like a pie server, the one on

the right maybe for cutting meat and cheese but the last one, the one on the's finely serrated on

one side and I have no idea what it would be used for in a BBQ context! The only idea I can come up

with is for spreading butter on bread.


Sadly I don't BBQ enough to justify keeping these for my lonesome.  They're headed to Creve Coeur.

Maybe I'll look around and find a serving tray to pair them up with or some other appropriate BBQ

related sundries.  I'm sure I've got some somewhere.  I should be able to get this lot to the Antique

Mall of Creve Coeur this weekend.  I'd like to be able to promise an earlier drop off but the weekday

mornings have not been kind to a Mr., or they've been too kind...or whatever.  I've been sleeping in.

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