Sunday, April 20, 2014

What On Earth Do You Plan On Doing With THAT...Is What Keeps Running Through My Head. This Is One Of The Longest Production Herman Miller / Eames Segment Table Bases And I Don't Have A Top For It. But, That Leaves Me With A Number Of Possibilities! Status: Brainstorming.


Not too many people have the kind of dining space that can accommodate a table that would sport a 76" base.  The top that would have come with this from Herman Miller would have been either 94 1/2" or 107 3/4".  That would be a nearly 8 or 9 ft. table.  The good news is that this base is modular...and modifiable.


I did have a top when I found it on c-list...but it wasn't a Herman Miller top and it wasn't in good

condition.  It got donated to the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store.  It was huge and heavy.  Sadly, that

left me with just this base.  Well, maybe not sadly as there are a number of possibilities available to

utilize this now.


 Of course, the easiest and best option would be to simply be presented with an appropriate Eames /

Miller top, but I think that's a long shot.  I asked some of the online dealers around town if maybe

they had one laying around.  Seems like these tables get sold on line sometimes and the buyer doesn't

really want the top and isn't keen on paying for the extra shipping.  Alas, no luck.  I'd even be down

with a smaller oval 83" or 72" top because...see that center support?  It can easily be cut down to the

necessary size for any top.


Another way to modify this base would be to reposition the legs.  I kind of like this configuration for

a desk or maybe a display table.  Having one of the legs positioned at a perpendicular angle means

you can bring the edge of the top out toward that leg more, giving the option to place the base closer

to a wall.  The extra width of the base means there's plenty of room between the legs for a task chair. 

The leg's center support and the uprights have been painted green by the former owner and might

need to be painted again...I'm leaning toward Gloss White.  I'm also leaning toward a glass top, but

I'll have to come up with some way to make the top of the star mounts a bit more appealing if I do that. 

Decisions decisions decisions.


  1. How about two tops, his and her dining or work tops. lol

  2. This is amazing, it would look great with two chairs and a lucite table in the middle...i don't know if i am describing what i am visioning correctly. Or a long beautiful fiberglass couch!