Monday, February 24, 2014

I Spent My Saturday Evening Power Cleaning These Black And Stainless Steel "BRNO" Chairs With My New (To Me!) Bissel Little Green Pro Heat Machine And This Afternoon Dropping Off Them And An Eames Segment Base Table At My Booth In The Creve Coeur Antique Mall. Status: Available!


How monochromatic is that?  Nothing but silver, black and grey.  Well, it ain't like it's a set.  Each piece can be had separately and mixed / matched with some of the other chairs / tables I have, you might find elsewhere in the mall or maybe you have at home.


This Herman Miller Eames Segment Base table has been waiting un-assembled in the wings ever

since the Canton First Monday Flea Market trip last Spring.  My motto is "Buy while the buying is

good" and that is really paying off these days since I've got such an enormous space to keep stocked

in the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Just this last week a number of large items have moved,

including a George Nelson sofa, the red velvet Victorian chair, a set of nesting Ikea coffee tables, a

MASSIVE two piece console stereo bench that I never even got around to photographing or showing

off, and the Curtis Jere Autumn Leaves art set.  Having a bunch of extra stuff waiting around in the

garage, spare bedroom, room...and well, dining room...etc., means not having an empty

space in the booth.


These "BRNO" chairs were a fairly recent acquisition via craigslist and a fellow vendor at The Green

Shag Market.  They came from the office of a well known local St. Louis artist John Pils.  They

aren't Knoll as far as I know but they are Stainless Steel and are in excellent condition.  They look

really good with this Eames / Miller table...but then they also look pretty cool with the big walnut

library table I've got in here too.  Come to think of it, the 4 Pagholz chairs I've got set up with the

library table might look pretty sweet with this table! 

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