Monday, February 10, 2014

Wow, A Couple Of Trips To The Thrifts Yeilded Some Great Finds This Weekend. Meanwhile, A Trip To The Creve Coeur Antique Mall To Pay My Rent Had Me Buying Like Crazy Too! Status: Loaded For Bear.


I'll admit it, I've got a weakness for decorator "How To" books.  I'll probably never see a book that deals exclusively with Vintage Modern, but that's OK...I like how many of these books weave Vintage Modern pieces in with traditional and antique styles.  Oh, yeah...and that magazine rack.  Pretty cool, huh!


The (I don't know...lucite? Plexiglass? Whatever...) magazine rack came from booth 196 at the Creve

Coeur Antique Mall.  I just stopped in to pays my rent...and take a quick peek at the booth...but then I

always have to check at least some of the other booths to see if there's something I might need to blog

or tweet about.  When I noticed the 50% off sale in booth 196, I started scouring it and came up with

this gem.


If you'll look closely at the two upper pics above you'll notice a bit of schmutz (the Girlfriend's

word!) on the surface.  At first I thought they were scratches but after working on a few of them with

my thumbnail, I was able to completely remove I took a before and after set of pics.  Don't

know why.  Just had to share.  Good looking rack, no?


Ah, the books.  You know, after doing this for years and years (not just the blog, but collecting this

stuff) you think you've seen just about every cool piece of furniture.  Then you open up one of these

books from the '80s and you find a couple of really cool pieces you've never seen before.  That chair in the

black and white room above just kills me!  Note the Mies Van Der Rohe chairs snuggled up with the

antique farm house harvest table.  


As soon as I saw the pages with the "Classic Contemporary" furniture ID silhouettes I stopped

looking and bought the book.  Who cares what else is in it!  If you've ever thought about getting a

Vintage Modern classic tattooed on your arm (c'mon...C' know you have!) these would be

invaluable!  I plan on using them for another upcoming project though.  No tats here.  I'm a big ol'

wuss.  Oh, note the Barcelona chair paired up with the classic black leather Chesterfield sofa in the

last pic above.  ::swoon:: 


There are only a couple of pages in this book that are of much interest to least at first blush. 

This book is fairly new and represents the state of affairs not too long ago.  Funny how you can see

that just by how much Heywood Wakefield is used to represent "50s Funk".  Was there even "Funk"

in the '50s?  Wikipedia says mid to late '60s for the musical genre.  ::shrugg::  This is what I consider

more focused as Retro, a sub genre of Vintage Modern in my book.  Still, nice to see our tastes

represented, right?!

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