Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flips And Faces...Mr. Modtomic Has Done Gone Clock Crazy! Timing Is Everything And I Just Happened To Be At The Right Thrift Store At The Right Time! Status: Gettin' Tagged.


It was so strange finding Four brand new never used (one New In Box) clocks in one shot at the thrift store.  There were actually a few more clocks but they weren't really my style and were left behind.


I love vintage clocks and this lot covers that gamut.  You've got your '50s Happy Days / Leave It To

Beaver round face in Seafoam, your Brady Bunch era alarm clock NIB and a pair of late '70s / early

'80s never been used Flip Clocks


My guess is that a clock dealer / retired shop owner donated all these clocks.  These Flip Clocks have

never had their cellophane flip wraps removed.  I like their simplicity.  The Double Ought says

"Japan" in the lower right corner, so you know they're put together properly.  The power cords have

never been pulled out!


Nice little lot, wouldn't you say?  Just like the flip clocks, the Lux clock has never had its cord

unwrapped.  I'd like to make these available ASAP but alas, I just ran out of tags!  I just bought a big

package of 100 tags right before taking booth space at Creve Coeur and I used my last one a few days

ago.  ::sigh::  Guess I gotta get some more!


  1. I'm pretty sure that Sunbeam clock was the exact same clock that lived in my grandmother's kitchen. Nifty.

  2. Wow! Pretty great finds, for sure!

  3. I want to hear more about that Brasilia serving cart! Did I miss something??? :)