Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After Loading Up A Craigs-find Sunday I Thought I'd Drop By The Goodwill On Cherokee Street...'Cept It Ain't A Goodwill, It's A Salvation Army. Not Open On Sunday, But Then I Found This Joint: Strange Overtones, Which Was A Bit Of Serendipitous Luck. Status: Gorgeous Goods..


I kind of accidentally found this place on Cherokee Street Sunday afternoon after failing to realize the thrift store I was hoping to pillage was, in, not open on Sundays.  Lucky me though, 'cuz this place is freakin' great!  Who needs a Restoration Hardware when you can get an eclectic mix of the Real Thing right down there on one of the most interesting boulevards in St. Louis.


Just up the street from Junk Junkie (MoModerne's more retro and affordable shop) is this new place

called Strange Overtones.  It's been too long since the last time I made a trip down through here and

took stock of the shops, restaurants and watering holes available.  My loss, this place is great.


Straight away I could see that the offerings were quite nice.  The proprietor has a great eye for both

items and shop layout, something I wish I was more adept at!  She's obviously put a lot of time and

effort into the shop as you can see.  The walls are all painted an appropriately brooding grey and

check out the reclaimed lumber wall.  Pretty nice.


I'm not sure what all is the shop keep's pickings and what is consignment but she did tell me that

some of the items are by friends of her's.  The place is like a candy store of great ideas.  I'm still a

Vintage Modern guy at heart but I can't say that I'm not drawn toward the Industrial / Machine Age

aesthetic.  I'm even offering more and more of this look myself.


I hope anyone who can will drop by this lil shop.  Places like this should flourish.  It's nice to have a

shop where you can find that one way out there thing that you didn't even know you just absolutely

had to have!  A Mr. could spend hours in a shop like this poking a peeking at all the treasures big and



The address is 2626 Cherokee Street, the hours start at 11am Wednesday through Monday - closing

between 4pm and 6pm various days.  If you're looking to fill that downtown loft and keep it real, you

could do a lot worse than showing up here.  I'm sure that Amy, the shop keep, would be able to help

you find that one of a kind treasure or even fill your joint all in one go!


  1. Been following you for years, so happy to have you in the store. Thank you for the kind words!

    1. Hi SOV.

      The kind words came easily. You've got a lovely shop!