Sunday, February 23, 2014

You Might Remember This Joint As MoModerne, These Days It's MoModerne's Second Shop - Junk Junkie. This Might Be The Place To Look If You're Looking For Style And Aren't To Concerned With Names. You'll Definitely Keep Your Wallet A Little Fatter And If You Look Often Enough You Might Stumble Upon A Great Bargain. Status: Waiting For You To Stop By.


This afternoon the Girlfriend and I headed back down to the South Side to pick up a big piece for the house.  Since we were in the area anyway, and partly because I hadn't been in since they opened under the new moniker...I decided to take a moment to check out Junk Junkie.  Wanna take a look inside?


You're not gonna find many pieces by George Nelson, Finn Juhl, or Jens Risom here at Junk Junkie

(although there was an Eliel Saarinen - Eero's dad - piece and a Milo Baughman chair there today!)

but you won't be throwing around the kind of money those names command these days either.  I

didn't show up to shop but I did almost take home that Baughman chair myself...and if you know how

I buy then you know it was priced pretty darn good.


This place is a mish mash of styles and items.  The proprietors are primarily interested in the same

styles that we are so that's what you'll mostly find here, but you'll also find your standard vintage fare

here as well.  Some of the items, while lacking the big names of designer or manufacturer, still pack

tons of style.


And if you're not looking for big case pieces, chairs or tables there are tons...Tons...of cool smalls

here to scrounge through.  They've got a couple of shelves of vintage cameras, lots of dinner ware,

some cool electronics and all sorts of decorative wares.  Did I mention that there's a lot of everything

in here?  They have the same issue most antique mall vendors have...more stuff than space!


Is that a Sputnik Chandelier?  Yup!  And again, it's wasn't too pricey!  I guess 'cuz it lacks the bulbs. 

For a couple of bucks you can fill those sockets with flicker flame bulbs like I did and cull all the

"oohs" and "aahs" you'd expect with the starburst style bulbs.  It's what I did with mine!  It'd go

nicely with that cool globe up there too, don't ya think?


I can't seem to find the store hours or even days they are open so it's probably best to check their

Facebook or call to be sure they are open before dropping by.  The address is 3156 Cherokee Street,

St. Louis 63118.  If you're thinking about dropping by, make sure you take a moment to check out the

rest of Cherokee Street to the East of the shop.  There's an array of interesting places to shop and a

myriad of tasty restaurants that are springing up all the way down to the old Lemp Brewery.  I think

you'll find it's worth your time.

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