Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Stuff And Great Sales Down At The Green Shag Market Right Now! Some Of The More Mod Leaning Vendors (Like M Is For Modern...Pretty Much Obvious That One) Are Having Great Sales. Now Is Probably A Good Time To Clean 'Em Out! Status: Available!


Ain't been by The Shag in a bit?  Now might be a good time to stop by.  There's some great merch up front in the consignment room and if you look around you'll certainly find that a number of the vendors are having big sales!


Our resident Upholstery Guru (for realz, I'm sure he's a Guru of so much more than just upholstery

but since that's all he's had time to post about here at Mr. Modtomic...that's what we're going with for

the moment) Jeff Swift brought in that seriously cool Witco Viking ship dimensional art.  Seeing it in

the consignment area like this gives you a pretty good idea of just how amazing it's gonna look in

your joint above your sofa...but only if you get to it first!


35% off!  Of course you're gonna find something in here you just gotta have.  Plus, as a bonus, when

things go by-by new and fresh stuff comes in to take it's place!  Check it out, I can see some hairpin

legs, a killer sofa size painting of the Bay Bridge (San Fran.), a small drip glaze mod lamp, a Russel

Wright pitcher, stacking tables...all kinds of good stuff!


M is for Modern is also having a sale.  I think it's 20% off of all this amazing stuff!  She stocks

almost nothing but vintage modern and has great taste.  Everything in here is stylish and would look

great in just about any mid century-centric environment.  Make sure you check out the beautiful

walnut lamp/table she has squirreled away in here.  It's most tempting, you'll see!  If I didn't already

have one very similar...

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  1. Lookin cool! I finally officially follow you instead of just checking in randomly!