Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ok Ok! Yes, I Did Happen To Pick Up A Second PIece Of Broyhill Brasilia At The Auction Last Weekend. I've Always Wanted A Brasilia Server Like This, Even Though I Have Absolutely No Place...Or Really Use For One. Well, I've Got A Litle Time To Decide If It's A Keeper, Off It Goes To Dan To Get Freshened Up...Then We'll Decide. Status: Wanting For Some Love.


Yes indeed, Mr. M does indeed have a certain weakness for Broyhill Brasilia.  I've had an opportunity to pick up one of these drop leaf servers here and there, but it just didn't ever work out.  When the bidding at the auction stopped and the auctioneer was still pointing at me...well, I guess my time had finally come!


So I finally have a Brasilia server and I'm caught with a case of indecision.  I've already got a Brasilia

II server, but it's just not the same.  It lacks the drop leaves...but it does have much more storage.  It'd

be ridiculous to keep both...right?  Right?  I'd have to at least get rid of the Formica shelf unit that we

have dividing the bar from the dining room.  This would sorta fit in the same place and it being

double's a plan so crazy, it just might work!


First thing's first, this is headed over to Dan to get a little bit of help on the top service.  It's got a bit

of an issue that I'm hoping he can work some of his magic on.  It ain't got to be perfect, but it's not

quite up to snuff now.  I don't mind a bit of character, if I wanted good as new...I'd be buying from

Crate-N-Barrel or something.  He'll have it looking lovely and put a nice coat of protective satin poly

on it for me.  The rest of the piece is looking pretty good already.


I'll also be dropping off the Brasilia Cathedral coffee table at Dan's this weekend for the same

treatment.  Dan knows his way around some Brasilia and has done a number on a number of dining

tables for me already.  It's nice to know someone who loves the items he's working on and does such

a fantastic job of rescuing them.  Now if only we can get a couple warm days in a row so he can

spray the poly!

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  1. Beautiful Piece I am looking for pieces in Texas to refinish but it's slim pickins.