Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See That? That's What Rosewood Looks Like! ::Sigh:: Ain't It Just Beautiful? It Just Reeks Of Luxury. It's Not Easy To Come By These Days. That's Why It's Expensive And Much Sought After. You Might Still Find Some Down At Rocket Century If You Hurry! Status: Where To Shop.


Rocket Century isn't that new 'round here anymore.  They've been around for years and have had the shop open on Grand for quite a while now, but the shop's mode of operation has changed recently and it makes for varied mix of styles and items.  If you've not been in the last month, a visit is in order!


Sadly, these photos were taken weeks ago and I can't guarantee that any of these fantastic items are

still available.  I can guarantee that whatever is missing has been replaced by even more dazzling

wares.  And these days there are FIVE dealers bringing together the various pieces you'll be gazing

upon.  You see, Rocket Century is now supporting and supported by three booths filled by Hannah

(Secondhand Hannah)
, our resident upholstery guy Jeff Swift and Gus of Vandeventer Vintage fame

plus a new picker who I have not yet met.


It's easy to see that the quality of merch here is top notch and good taste is in serious abundance.

Kinda makes Mr. M feel like he's just playing at all this vintage modern stuff!  Well, that and the fact

that I kinda am.  These are the real pros.  They don't mess about.  You're not gonna find any half

finished projects here!


Kristina of Rocket Century has carefully curated her consignors just as certainly as she has here

product.  Two seconds looking at the photos here and you can see that!  Rocket Century is located in

the heart of the south side, South Grand...just a few blocks south of Tower Grove Park.  Take a few

hours out of you weekend and make an evening out of your visit.  There are a number of great

restaurants along the stretch, from diner fare to Vietnamese to some of the best Italian you'll find in

St. Louis.


Having Five vendors means you can count on an eclectic mix of vintage modern.  Danish Modern not

so much your thing?  Look around the corner.  Maybe you're looking for a bid of Retro.  Check that

side over there.  Can't find what you're looking for?  Ask Kristina!  She might have what you're

looking for waiting in the wings...or know where it can be had.  Never might find

something you didn't even know you had to have!  Drop by...say Hi to Kristina for me!

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