Friday, February 21, 2014

The Electricity Here At Home Is Out Due Apparently To A Little Wind So I'm Stuck Posting From My Crap Samsung Galaxy S III. This Thing Freezes Up All The Time Since The Latest System "Upgrade", But I Gotta Get My Post Out For My Peeps! This One's About Some Lights. Status: Finally!!!


First of all, let me just say...Samsung has REALLY dropped the ball where its phones are concerned. My phone "upgraded" its operating system about a month ago (didn't bother asking me permission) and the thing has been nothing but a pain in the @ss ever since. I took it back to Sprint who could do no more than reset it to factory specs (which for me included little more than erasing my pics, contacts and links) to no avail. The op sys is bad and Samsung has done nothing for weeks to fix it. I HIGHLY recommend never buying Samsung products since this is how they treat their customers. But anyway, got some new lights! Wanna check 'em out?

You might remember a light fixture procurement fail from about a year and a half back

(September 2012) wherein I managed to find and buy an amazing Danish style three

pendant fixture for cheap...but broke one of the shades as I GINGERLY placed it in the back

of the wagon. Needless to say, my particular version of OCD has kept me on the lookout for

a replacement shade ever since. I had no luck until the big vintage modern auction last



Lady Luck apparently decided I had suffered enough and put me onto this set of three

individual pendant fixtures at the auction last Saturday. I paid exactly three times what I

bought the original chandelier fixture for, but now...having two pendants and a complete

chandelier. ...I'm pretty sure I'm still way ahead. Now I've got to pull these all apart and

clean 'em up so we can fix the broken bit and install everything. You have NO idea how

careful I've been with this set. The Girlfriend is highly enamored of these and Really wants

them up in the dining room. Who am I to disappoint her?

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