Thursday, February 6, 2014

If You Follow My Twitter Feed You've Probably Aready Seen These Retro Style Patio Chairs. I Know That True Vintage Isn't Everybody's Bag And These Might Just Be A Great Alternative. Status: Not My Turf?


Don't fret, I know it's still heart breakingly cold out just about everywhere, but Spring will come...promise!  When it does, are you ready?  You got a place to rest your bum in the sun while hoisting those cool refreshing beverages?  Maybe it's just time for replacements or upgrades.


I peeped these patio gems at our local Big Lots a few days ago and just couldn't keep it to myself, so I

Twittered it out there for all 47 of Mr. Modtomic's followers.  I know they aren't perhaps as authentic

as some of the other options out there but they look pretty cool and if you're trying to keep it real on a

budget AND you want new...these might be the answer.


See, 'cuz they're only $30 each...and with a little care they might last you more than a couple of

summers.  A small kernel of good news is that they nest, so you can stack many together and throw

one cover over all of them...or store them in your basement / garage until needed.  I'm just sayin',

don't leave 'em out in the weather and sun for TOO many days...lest ye be buying another set next



Fact is, the really DON'T build 'em like they used to and the stuff you buy today probably won't give

you the miles that most vintage items will.  Either way though, you're certainly gonna impress your

neighbors with some retro outdoor seating.  The impression they get is up in the air, but they gonna

be impressed.  If you're digging these, get to your local Big Lots quick.  They usually don't keep a lot

of anything in stock and might not get any more when that's gone.


  1. These look cool! What's the black part made out of ??

  2. some type of metal.

  3. We bought two of these for the backyard. They're solid enough that I felt they were a good buy at $30, but we definitely will store them in the garage when not in use. My husband gave them a thumbs up for comfort, as opposed to the waffle butt we got from our Bertoia side chairs. Ha.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I ran out and grabbed the last 5 from the closest Big Lots. Love them!

  5. Thank you for the post. I went to two Big Lots to get 4 of the turquoise ones. They also come in red. Plus I got one of those Buzz Club coupons for $15 off of $60 so two of those chairs just came to $45. What a bargain.

  6. Found these at my local Big Lots too, but only two and both red. I like the turquoise ones best! Waiting for their sale coupons is a good tip :)