Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ok, So This Has Nothing To Do With Vintage Modern, But It Does Have Plenty To Do With The Mr. Modtomic Blog! Today I Splurged On A New Laptop...Of Sorts. It's a Dell Convertible, And I've Been Waiting On This For Years! Status: Flip Flop.


Flip flop is right, I "waffled" on buying one of these for about the last Three or Four years!  Technology finally caught up to my wants and desires, a random junk mail ad from a local electronics store found its way into my span of attention and my hesitation was done for.


Getting a new toy, opening the box is so much fun isn't it?  Seeing what all you got with the actual

item.  You know...like when you get a new phone.  Once I got an extra battery and stand alone

charger.  Now all you really get is maybe some nice earbuds.  With this it was really just paperwork

and a power cord.  But it was thoughtfully packaged and fun to unwrap!


I'm not all about processor speeds, memory access speed or even how much memory or disc space

these things have.  What I have been enamored with concerning the Dell Convertible line has always

been the way the display flips over to make the laptop a tablet.  I love the usefulness of my phone's

touch screen display, but it's such a pain to do exactly what I'm doing here...typing in text.  Oh sure, it

can be done in a pinch and I've done it Many Many times...but I'd so rather do it on a real Qwerty

keyboard.  This Dell Convertible is the best of both worlds!


It's small for a laptop...and probably wouldn't even be classified AS a laptop, but probably a netbook

or a notebook.  I dunno what the differences actually are.  Don't care that much.  This isn't my day to

day work horse.  I've got my Lenovo for that...and an older Dell desktop if the Lenovo should ever

fail me.  But this lil Dell gives me a bit of much needed Freedom.  I can now blog from the comfort of

the sofa...and when it gets a little warmer out...the back patio!  I just wish I'd have found this lil toy at

the goodwill instead of the computer store!

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  1. So you finally found one, huh? Looks nice. Perfect size for picking road trips.