Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Rarely Pick From Antique Malls As Well, That's Where Already Picked Items End Up...But Sometimes - With A Little Luck - You Still Can Still Find A Real Bargain! This Walnut Danish Modern Tea / Bar Cart Was Found At The Creve Coeur Antique Mall Saturday Evening And Is Headed To The Green Shag Market! Status: Mall Flip!


Love it when I don't have to do any more work than tagging up a new offering.  I'm gonna try to drop off this little collapsible tea or bar cart down at the Green Shag Market tomorrow morning before work.


I've got another tea cart at the Green Shag Market already so I'll scoop that one up and take it out to

the booth in Creve Coeur soon and replace it with this lovely walnut piece.  Weird, right?  But alas, I

didn't buy this to keep...and flipping it in the same antique mall seems...not so much kosher.  Lucky I

two booths in two malls!


This is yet another example of the Slavic furniture industry muscling in on the Scandinavian's

traditional turf.  I wonder if there still is a thriving contemporary furniture industry in Yugoslavia. 

The vintage pieces I've come across in my huntings and gatherings over the years have all been well

built and lovely examples of vintage modernism.  This serving unit is no different.


The top tray comes off and has short stubby taper legs as well as sculpted handles.  You can see the

water ring on it in the photo above.  The surface of the tray could be removed, refinished and

replaced relatively easily...if someone were so motivated...otherwise the cart is in fine vintage

condition.  I really wish I had room here and a genuine use for this as these aren't so easy to come by

and I have a genuine affection for them.  I can just imagine a couple bottles of liqueur shimmering on

the lower shelf along with a fantastic ice bucket and a fine collection of vintage modern glassware

proudly displayed on top.  What better way to end a work day than a visit with with your new pal:

Bar Cart?!


  1. I love that bar cart!! And bar carts are HOT right now...I am sure it will sell fast!!

  2. Check out the Midcenturyobession web site for a post on bar carts.