Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wow, Is Mr. Modtomic Living An Episode Of The Twilight Zone? The Estate Sales AND Auctions Were Good To A Mr. Today! So Strange. Anyway, Can You Guess What This Is? Status: Auction Booty!


Heh, yeah...I was watching a movie on Netflix the other night called Grabbers about these blood sucking alien sea-monsters that attack this Irish sea side town...but are allergic to alcohol.   Of all the places for such an alien sea-monster to land.  Anyway, the protagonist asks his side kick this question: "Do you know what this is?" (see above pic).


..."it's a dead one of these!" Get it?  'Cuz it appears to be on it's back with it's legs up in the air?  Well,

it was funny in the movie...and the side kick didn't get it either.  Ok's a Broyhill Brasilia

Cathedral Round Table (40" x 40" x 16") Inlaid Top model 6150-14.  You don't see these everyday,

and when I saw it at an auction this afternoon I put it on my priority list.


Yeah, there was an all vintage modern auction this afternoon just on the east side of the Mississippi

River in Dupo Il.  I had already hit a pair of estate sales and done quite well so I attended this auction

with only the expectation of maybe picking up a piece or two if nobody else wanted it.  I figured

there would be a ton of dealers in attendance and I was partly right.  There were dealers, but it weren't

maybe so much as a ton.  Perhaps half a dozen or so, most of whom I know or have met.


Even Nick showed up!  He didn't buy anything but lent us moral support, distracted me when I

shoulda been paying attention and helped me move my takings at the end of the sale.  We all (Nick,

the Girlfriend and myself) had a good time just watching what some of the items sold for.  There was

a genuine George Nelson clock that sold for $450 (I think the auctioneer was mighty impressed!), a

Heywood Wakefield Harmonic dresser and chest that garnered $475 in bids and an American of

Martinsville sculpted diamond front bedroom set that pulled $1200 in bids.  Mr. M wasn't able to

pony up for any of those tasty items, but it was fun to watch the bidding battles ensue.  I still got

plenty though.


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    1. "Hi Mr. M, LOVE the Brasilia table and the inlay is way cool. I saw Grabbers on Netflixs a few weeks ago, it was a hoot!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and quirky characters and the lead monster was really scary looking."

      Sorry AtomicHipster, had to make a slight edit, Mr. M.

    2. ...but yeah, that movie is so much fun!

  2. Ohhhhh so cool!!!!! Great score Mr. M!

  3. Very pretty. We scored the cathedral table with glass top and ceramic bowl center super cheap on CL but I might actually prefer the one with wood inlay.