Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ya Gotta Know I'm A Big Fan Of Sascha Brastoff. I've Got Many Of His Remarkably Decorated Ashtrays And I Picked Up Another Recently. Status: Collected.


This, like a lot of the items I've been showing off lately, was another of the pieces I snatched up at the recent Vintage Modern auction across the river.  I didn't really go for the smalls but, alas...I just couldn't resist this little Brastoff "Pod" ashtray.  Weird, right...I don't even smoke.


I don't normally talk much about money here but since this ain't going nowhere, I paid a grand total

of $17.50 for this little treasure.  Not too shabby considering one just like it recently sold on eBay for

$29 + Shipping.  Anybody got any info on the names of the various Brastoff patterns?


The body itself is kind of space age / mod looking piece.  The decoration has a sort of '70s mod look

to it, I could totally see this sitting of the glass shelf of a large macrame hanging from the ceiling.

But then you flip it over and see a rooster.  Nothing space age-y about that!  But that's Sascha

Brastoff.  ::shrug::


So this will just be added to my burgeoning Brastoff collection.  Oddly enough, I have a matching

medium size open ashtray in this same pattern that I've never photographed over at the other house.  I

need to get these two together!  That one was my first piece of Sascha B. and I doubt that this one

will be my last.

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