Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Don't Love A Couple-A-Cups Of Joe In The Morning With Their Kitties...'Specially When They're All So Stylish As These?! All Were Culled From The Thrifts This Last Weekend And All Are Getting Tagged Up. Status: Available.


Yeah, I'm telling ya...I found loads of booty this previous weekend!  This time up, coffee cups and kitty cats.  Danish Modern (IMHO) cats are somewhat hard to find, but even more rarely at the thrift stores...but coffee mugs that speak to the Modtomitrist?  Nearly unheard of!


I've got a pair of these same kitties on display here at the Modtomic Ranch.  Finding a second pair

seem impossible.  Yeah Goodwill!  Sadly they aren't in perfect shape.  Couple of small chips, one I

didn't even notice until I was getting ready to shoot these pics.  At least they aren't real obvious. 

Someone will still love this pair.


They'll find a new home.  Someone will love them despite their minor faults, a flea bite on the ear of

one and a chip on the tail of the other.  Finding Danish style cats ain't easy!  And really, a dab of

shiny black paint and who'll know the difference?  But I'm not gonna fix 'em.  I'll let the new keepers

take care of them.


Then there are these great St. Louis Art Museum coffee mugs featuring fantastic vintage and antique

chairs from days gone by.  Wouldn't you love everybody seeing you sip your morning cup-o-grog

from one of these while at work?  I mean, how else they know how fashionable you really are?!  Your

clothes?  Psshhh...if you wanna be obvious!

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