Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Like A Little Vintage Party Kit! Martini, Cheese, Fruit, Chianti...Just Add, Well, That Stuff, Some Friends And This Walnut, Stainless Steel And Tile Cutting Board Set! Status: Headed To The Booth.


More smalls from the weekend.  This cutting board set is in remarkable condition.  Except for a few edge chips in the tile (I think they might have been there when new) the entire set looks unused.  I find it astounding that the set is still complete.


Not just complete but it also survived the donation process at the Goodwill.  That cheese knife is only

held to the walnut board by a diminutive magnet.  You so often find a cheese board sans the matching

knife.  Well, this set even has one more matching piece, not usually offered with your average cheese

board, to turn up missing: a matched stainless steel tray.  I assume this tray is for meats and crackers...

maybe smoked salmon or seared tuna.  Dag, I'm making myself quite hungry.


Dang, I have GOT to get all these smalls tagged up!  Used to be I just had to get them photographed

for this here blog, now I've got yet another job to get done.  'Tis all good though since I'm able to just

drop them off in one of the booths and let nature take it's course.  After tagging them and placing

them in a booth I nary have to lift a finger further.  That is one of the preeminent advantages of

keeping space in an antique mall.  Another is that they are open during hours I have to "work" work...

and sleep sleep.  Have I mentioned that I'm Not a morning person?

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  1. This could have been a wedding or shower gift that just never got unpacked and used. A few years ago my Mom showed me some things she and Dad got for their wedding that had not been unpacked, and they were married in 1963. She said that their house wasn't built yet and they stayed with my grandparents for awhile. When they moved in they had a new baby and then some more babies. Life just happened and these things never got used. I have some of them now and cherish them because of their neat design and just simply the story behind them. Your cutting board would make a great wedding or housewarming gift for a modern, retro-loving couple.