Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Haven't Been To The Green Shag Market In A Little While? There's Lots Of New Vendors And Amazing Treasures To Be Perused And Taken Home. I Dropped By Saturday And Took Tons Of Pics. Status: Ready And Waiting!


Wow!  There's so much good stuff down at The Green Shag right now!  If you've not been there in a little while you might not recognize the joint!  New vendors are everywhere and lots of new items abound.  So much that I ended up taking more than 30 pics!


Of course, I have to drop the obligatory pics of MY booth.  I will have some new items in here before

the big Parking Lot Sale this coming weekend.  Make sure you plan to attend...and buy up all my



Note the beautiful Paul McCobb chest in the first photo above.  It's not marked, but I think it's legit. 

The Artful Dodger has moved from the back of the mall to the front as you can see in the last photo

above.  You gotta check out that lovely oatmeal vintage mod sofa up front too.  It's in such good



You may notice a slight difference in the photos here.  I finally got a new phone.  That POS Samsuck

is gone ( DID take fantastic pics!) and has been replaced by an LG G3.  Before I had the

Samsuck S3 I had an LG and never had any issues, so I'm going back.  The pics aren't as pretty but

they'll do!


Is that a Karl Springer brass coffee table above?  It's often attributed to him.  Look it up on

1stDibs...but remember...It's 1stDibs.  Still, if you dig the warmth of brass, this is a great artistic



A super hard to find Ben Seibel / Raymor covered butter dish for just $29?  Sounds like a bargain if

you have a collection of the Roseville Raymor line.  It's so hard to find covered butter dishes with the

lid AND no chips.


Tiki Mugs!  You know I've got a weakness for such things.  Did you notice and ID the white leather

and walnut chair in the first photo above?  Yup, more Paul McCobb.  It's a mess, but it's cheap.  I

almost bought it myself!


There's just so much neat stuff to look through.  I could write about the stuff all day, but I'm just

gonna let the photos do the talking.  And keep in mind, even though I took a lot of pics...this doesn't

even scratch the surface.  For a smallish antique mall there sure is a lot of good stuff in here!  And

again, come down on Saturday the 30th for the Big Parking Lot Sale.  Even MORE stuff to look

through and pack your car with!


  1. Hey, Mr. Mod. I have a table similar to the one in the top photo between the 2 chairs - white top with a circle of spindle as base. Mine has a black top. Do you know the designer or maker? thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      That table is often attributed to Arthur Umanoff, though the internet can be full of it...if you know what I mean. I'd recommend contacting Jonathan Goldstein for a more firm answer.