Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Can I Say, I've Been Lazy. But I'm Still Posting! I Mean, Just Look! Some Smalls I've Picked Up, The Best Of Which Would Be A Fantastic Set Of Norman Bleckner Bookends. Status: Available.


Some of this lot has been sitting around here for a lil bit and some of it just recently found its way into the fray.  The candle holder and platter are fairly recent finds but the bookends have been sitting in a small paper bag since last Halloween!


It may not even be vintage, but it's got a great look and of was cheap!  The braces between

the uprights look vaguely of the Herman Miller log or even the Broyhill Brasilia handles.  I don't

know from where it came but it actually has some nice construction.  The welds are pretty nice on

something you'd think they'd be all sloppy.


Blue Heaven.  What a great dinnerware pattern.  It's got all the elements of the atomic era.  One of

my favorite details is the way all the bits seem to be done in watercolor.  I've got a nice collection of

this pattern these days and I'm wondering if it's time to let it go.  It's just sitting in a box and I don't

really get to show it off much.  Maybe it's time to take it all down to The Shag.


When I found these in New Orleans I thought they might be Ben Seibel.  Thanks to Jonathan

Goldstein, I found that they are in fact Norman Bleckner for Tuscan Ware.  Well, we assume that they

are, since there isn't a whole lot out there to confirm the attribution.  Man, ol' Norman musta' took a

page right out of Ben's design book when he penned these...or perhaps vice versa!  The styling, the

finish, the color...somebody was looking over somebodies shoulder.


  1. Nice finds. They're cool for sure, MMT! Hey, if you're too busy to post at least throw 'em up on Twitter. - midmichigan

  2. The platter is beautiful, what an amazing find!