Saturday, January 22, 2011

That's Right...Another Side Table. What? I Got Lots of Tables! Status: Needing Some Love.


A. It was super cheap. B. I couldn't resist that great drawer pull!

Yeah, it's just another side table or lamp table, but the handle for the drawer and

the "framing" detail around that are pretty sweet! Plus it's all real wood. There's no

Formica on this. A little elbow grease is gonna bring the beauty back out of this




Kroehler seems to have made a lot of lines of what seem to be Mid Level

affordable furniture in the fifties and sixties
. I wonder if they will ever be looked at

like the Broyhill lines such as Scuptra and Brasilia.


  1. question: you're an awesome dude with sweet style. and you've got some cool tables too!! how do you deal with technology in the house? do you use vintage tables, etc for your tv? ps: sorry if this is too random!!

  2. We just bought a Drexel headboard, footboard and dresser that someone had made two-tone...using salmon colored latex paint on the inner panels of the bed and on the top of the dresser and fronts of the drawers. It will be sweet when we get that off, but right now, it's the stuff of nightmares as far as I'm concerned...on so many freakin' levels.

    That is a nice table. I can't wait to see it when you're finished rehabbing it. Now doesn't my story make your job seem so much easier? :)

  3. Very cool handle indeed! I agree with the Kroehler comment. I'm coming across more and more pieces made by them and they seem mid-range.

  4. Bandita - Well, I have an Apple iMac G4 (looks like a Predicta TV!) sitting on a retro blonde record player. My family room TV is on a retro blonde formica top coffee table. I'm looking for something else to put that TV on so I can hide my audio / video equipment. I found a great little device that will allow me to put all my remote controlled pieces inside a cabinet and the remotes will still work. It's called a universal remote control extender and it's made by Philips. I of course found it at the Goodwill but haven't had a chance to try it out yet but it looks like it'll work. Otherwise, I don't have a lot of Modern technology. 2 TVs and 3 computers, that's it!

    Dana - Yes...yes it does! Good thing about paint is, although it's a pain to get off, it does at least protect the wood until someone with the time and energy can make the piece sing again.

    Rhan - Truely, I feel the same about the Broyhill stuff...but it seems to be more highly sought after. Kroehler did make lots of great sofas though! I hardly ever see a Broyhill sofa that does anything for me.

  5. thanks for the insight :) i've gotta battle with the video game collection we've got goin on. we'll get there sometime!!

  6. Bandita - Ah, I didn't think about the video game. I do have a PS2 but really use it mostly for the DVD these days. It'll get boxed up in some kind of small (danish / mid century modern) storage unit with the rest of the electronicy stuff.