Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm Sorry!! This, The Blog And Work Are ALL I've Been Doing For The Last Week! But Looky, I'm Just About Done With This Space! Status: Open For Business.


I told ya it wouldn't stay nice and pretty. I just HAD to put More Stuff in there! And I'm not done. I've got some more art to put up high on that back wall and some shelves to install on each side of the chrome and glass unit.


You just know what's gonna happen. Someone is going to fall in love with the coffee table

on the bottom. What a pain that'll be to get out. But, although it goes somewhat against my

nature, I've been convinced that it's still a good idea to get it in the booth however (within

reason) because if it's sitting in your garage instead, how's it gonna be found? This is about

as "Bad" as I HOPE to let it get...but I doubt it'll ever look much better.


I wasn't able to get the "adult" turntables unearthed like I said I would, but I did get the

Fisher Price record player in here and tagged up. Sheez, I'm kinda glad I didn't put much

effort into getting to them as it doesn't look like I'd have had any place for them anyway.

The smalls clutter should be abated by the installation of some more shelving soon. Now

all I need is...some loyal shoppers to come out to Creve Coeur and tell the staff you made

the trip just 'cuz a me!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dana.

      Hey, thanks so much! This was a much easier step than launching my original booth and easier than the shop even.

  2. How about a real garage sale for the extras?

    1. Hi John.

      Florissant is very strict about Garage Sales. You gotta get a permit and can only have two per year, plus...I've tried it before with zero success.