Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Of The Other Lil' Treasures That I Snatched Up At The Estate Sales Saturday. Just An Ashtray And A Lamp, But The Astray Is A Sascha Brastoff And The Lamp Is...Well, Just A Lil Lamp, But It's Still Pretty Cool! Status: Stock.


Right now I'm feeling both pretty good about having lots of extra stock for the booth (a dry spell would be boring but I could easily shrug it off) and somewhat nervous about what to do with all this stuff!  I'm hoping to hear from The Big Bend Antique Market this coming November about renting a couple booth spaces so as to have another venue to shift goods.


I picked up this Sascha B. "TeePee" ashtray at the first estate sale Saturday.  I had already been

through the entire house and other than a tall lamp and a snazzy Dutch Oven, both of which I'll show

ya later, there wasn't much worth picking up.  Well, that's not entirely true.  There was a BIG Conant

Ball king size bedroom set in what I feel is a rare Walnut finish...and it was cheap.  Too bad I just

don't have an room for such a lovely set.  I guess there just weren't many Vintage Modern collectors



This little lamp was in the basement with the boxed up pendant lamp I featured yesterday.  It still

could use a little cleaning up but it's a fabulous Danish Modern design.  Again, just sitting there in the

wide open.  Nobody paying much attention to it.  Not a thing wrong with it!  Am I crazy?  Do I just

have a weird thing for lamps and lighting? 


Yeah, Saturday was a pretty good estate sale day.  I'm learning to adjust my expectations and be less

focused on one big score, because the sellers just can't be counted on.  The pair of Knoll Tulip side

tables that got me out of bed Saturday morning, the estate sellers apparently decided not to price them

and instead allowed potential buyers to bid on them instead.  Not a bad idea, I actually like  it...but

then didn't bother to tell the buyers before the sale.  I bet the guys I said "hi" to at 6:30am (2 and a

half hours before the start of the sale) who were there for the tables (I asked) were pissed.  You just

can't count on the estate sale companies any more!


  1. I love enamel on copper items and I have a Sascha Brastoff teepee ashtray but it's painted in brown enamel with yellow and orange touches. Pristine condition and I love it. Visitors often ask about it. The one you found is lovely.

    1. Hi ClaireLA

      The Brastoff ashtray is so cool that it almost make me wanna put a lit cigarette in there to see the smoke slither out of the top! Maybe I'll just put some incense in there instead.