Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Girlfriend Threw Down The Gauntlet When I First Passed On This Tripot Ashtray The Girlfriend Was Apalled At My Lack Of Vision. Then I Shocked Her Again By Buying A Disgusting Chemex Coffee Maker! Status: Flea Finds.


Both of these items today were purchased at the Flea...but different Fleas.  The Ashtray Stand - Belleville, the Chemex - Wentzville.  Both are kind of a mess...but that's kind of par for the course with the Flea Markets!


Yeah, the Girlfriend thought for sure I should buy this and drop it off in the booth at The Green Shag

Market.  I wasn't (and am not) convinced.  It looks a little too "Farm Fresh" for my comfort, but she

was insistent and I took that as a challenge!  So in the booth it will go and we will see what happens. 

It's Certainly cool looking and I was immediately drawn to it at the Flea.  We'll see how it goes!


This taller Chemex coffee carafe / maker was plucked from the Wentzville Flea a few weeks ago. 

It's a serious mess and I haven't done any cleanup on it at all.  It won't take much work to get it IS glass.  The weird thing is that it's taller than my other Chemex.  I haven't done much

research on these so, does anybody know anything about that?


  1. They make different size Chemex so as to make larger amounts of coffee.

    1. Hi Hannah.

      I guess that's it, but they don't seem to be that much different in size. I was more concerned about the shape difference but looking at the link below shows MANY different sizes and shapes.

  2. Last week there was a post on the Chemex on Collectors Weekly:

    1. Hi Cedar.

      I had given that a super brief look before but not when I was posting this. Thanks for the reminder and link.

  3. Hey - thanks for posting your Chemex finds. I've been following your blog for months now since I love MCM and I live in Columbia, MO (just moved 1.5 yrs ago from St. L). Anyway - today at one of the lame thrift stores in Columbia (because Columbia has the worst thrift stores ever but since I live here they are my only chance at stumbling upon some MCM coolness - I go weekly) I spotted a Chemex for $5. I didn't know it was a Chemex, I just remember seeing one on your blog and figured I ought to buy it - though I didn't even remember it was for coffee. I asked if they would take $3 (because I wasn't sure it really was "something" and didn't want to pay $5 for it)...and they did! Was excited to find out what I really had, once I got home and checked out your blog again.

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      That's a great story! Now you (like me) have to find some place that stocks the special filters for your Chemex. Believe me, regular ones don't work!