Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Been A Little While Since I've Featured Kitchen Wares, Hasn't It? I Plucked A Couple Of Good Items Recently And Now's As Good As Any Time To Give Ya A Looky. Status: Available.


Yup, they's available...just as soon as I can get a free moment to get them down to the booth!  Free moments are being less than entirely available lately though.  The Girlfriend is having an all girl party Friday and I have to clean the house (well, I have to evacuate all the antique mall over stock from the living room...and dining room.....and family room.......and kitchen).


The crib has been in an embarrassing state for far too long anyway.  I've really scaled back my

picking in the last few month, only bagging that which is truly a score, because I've just got too

much.  I still can't resist a silly bargain or an under valued / hard to find designer piece, so I'm still out

there looking and buying.  I'm just passing on a lot more than I have in a while.  Alas, after picking

up the three chairs I featured yesterday I stopped at J & P's Edelweiss Antiques and Collectibles to 

see if I might find a treasure in the basement.  Sure enough, I found a fantastic Pink Sunbeam 

Mixmaster to bring home...and further clutter up the joint.


It didn't have bowls or beaters but I already had a large pink bowl here as well as an extra set of

beaters.  I've still got a Pink Sunbeam Mixmaster in my personal collection and don't need to start

doubling up on them so this one is destined for booth 5 The Green Shag Market.  You might

remember that I already had an extra Pink Mixmaster, but a while back a couple dropped by to pick

up a couple large items and I threw it in as a bonus for their time and effort.


This was the last little treasure I picked up at that first estate sale last weekend.  I just couldn't believe

that no one else had nabbed it!  Bonus!  It had a Wagner aluminum trivet hiding inside.  The trivet is

multi use.  As you can see it fits perfectly in the bottom of the Dutch Oven but would keep a roast

from touching the bottom and allow fluid to circulate underneath.  You could use this for canning too

I think.  Then of course, you can use it as a trivet to keep a scalding pot off an easily damaged

surface.  Pretty cool.  And this Magnalite Wagnerware cookware is just so beautiful designed and

really is great for cooking.  Unfortunately, we cook so very very little.  So little in fact that we wore

out a microwave.  Can you remember the last time you heard of a microwave that quit working? 

Yup, we killed one.


  1. Love Magnalite Wagnerware....I use it to cook all the time!

    1. Hi Terry.

      If we cooked much we'd probably use it a lot too. I do have a couple of the sauce pans and a big skillet that occasionally get used.