Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Know, I've Wanted One Of These For A Long Time. What's That? A Clean, Empty Garage? No, That's The Girlfriend's (Pipe) Dream. I'm More Interested In Finding An LC4 Le Corbusier Lounge. Status: Still Dreaming.


This beautiful lounger has been on Craigslist and has been bumped up for a couple of days now with no takers. As a matter of fact, Mr. Modtomic has been the only one to show any interest at all so far, according to the sellers. What gives?


Sure, it might not be a genuine Cassina LC4 (we looked real hard for the markings near the headrest)

but c'mon, this thing's still a real looker! Of course, I was hoping it was a Cassina piece and if it had

been it would be resting gently in the back of Frank right now, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on a

reproduction. You see, I'm not looking to flip an LC4...I'm fishing for a keeper! This lil guy...he got

throwed back. So yes, it's still available!


It took a lot of hemming and hawing to leave this behind because as probable knockoffs go, this is

still one pretty desirable lounger. How many do you see lying around for three and a half hundred

with genuine pony hide upholstery? Heck, how many do you see anywhere at All for that price? I

may be sitting here talking myself back into it! The reason I say "probable knockoff" is because the

seller says they received the chair from a friend who said that they had owned it for about 30 years.

Cassina was given the rights to manufacture all Le Corbusier products in 1965 I believe, so this could

possibly be pre Cassina. Alas, it is missing the only other hallmark that I know to look for - the split

frame, where in there is a notable seam between the two halves of the seat frame at the foot and head 

area.  It's probably a knockoff, but one can dream...right?

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