Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Couple Weekends Back The Girlfriend And I Were Hitting The East Side Hard. No, Not Venice And The Strip Clubs Therein...But The Thrifts, An Antique Mall And Even An Estate Sale. Status: Last Of The Booty (Not THAT Kind Of Booty!)


Tooling around Fairview Height Illinois after poking around the antique mall and getting some chow at Lotawata Creek we found a Savers nearby that we didn't even know existed!  Of course we just HAD to give it a once over.

DSCN0188This lot of Knowles

Silver Birch

dinnerware was my

big grab.  I've never

seen this pattern

before and it was a

bit pricey but I just

couldn't leave it

behind.  The funny

thing is that the staff

DSCN0189thought it would be

funny to place a
couple pieces of it

here and another

couple there and

then the serving

pieces and big bowls

in yet another aisle

all together!  Just

when I thought I had

everything all added up

in my head I'd find another couple of pieces or the salt & pepper shakers and have to do some more math. Fun.


Have you ever been to a Savers Thrift?  They have these neat little trolley carts that are like a large

hand basket with four wheels.  I wish every place had these.  They are so convenient.  What wasn't

convenient is that the clerk felt that she needed to wrap every piece individually with a bag before

bagging a couple of pieces at a time.  I ended up with like 40 or so bags at home!  ::sigh::  I hope the

recycler actually recycles them.  Savers, it would seem, is too upmarket to have extra newspaper

cluttering up the joint.  Even while watching her wrap the various pieces I could see that some were



Three of the four dinner plates are chipped or cracked or both.  The butter dish is chipped, but not the

cover...which in my estimation is the important bit.  I have an "extra" cup that is cracked and one of

the other cups has a very small chip...but I think that's it.  So here's the rub...this is a pretty rare

pattern.  I don't think I'm going to be running across many pieces of this any time soon and since it's

so seemingly rare, I doubt there are many people out there looking for individual pieces to complete

their set.  So...what do I do?  I guess I'll just box this all up for now and see what happens.  Maybe

put a few of the serving pieces on display in the booth at The Green Shag and see if there is any

interest.  Maybe I'll end up just making somebodies day!


  1. Those are awesome!

    If the chips are on the outside, I think you can do some repair work on them - not perfect, but probably better than a chunk taken out of an edge.

    And I would agree that they are very rare. They either sell as a set or don't sell at all.

    1. Hi DC.

      The two dinner plates are beyond saving. The butter dish...that might be worth working on, except that it's not decorated and really could just be replaced with any plain butter dish. We'll just have to see what happens. Dishes don't really sell that well in general.

  2. Beautiful pattern. I haven't seen it either.

    1. Hi Rebecca.

      They are quite pretty AND the decoration has texture to make them even more interesting.

  3. Man, I've gone to that Savers (and the Goodwill next to it) a few times a week since they opened last year and haven't brought a single thing home. They've usually got absolute junk and want way too much money for it. Usually the stuff at the Savers is even more than it would be new. Ugh.

    1. Hi Nick.

      No doubt. Savers ain't the cheapest thrift in town, but even though these were kinda pricey they were still cheaper than Replacements dot com!

    2. Also, wasn't this the pattern that the Drapers used on the first couple seasons of Mad Men?

    3. edit: Nope, I guess not. Betty Draper used Raffia dinnerware by Vernon Kilns, which looks very similar.

  4. Sent you the tea cups. I hope you got them. I had no room for them and knew you liked them. Sell or keep. No payment it forward.

    1. Hi Terry.

      Is THAT what's in the package waiting for me at The Green Shag Market?! That is far too kind of you! Gotta tell ya though, you kinda spooked me. I got a text message from one of the staff telling me I had a package there addressed to Mr. unsolicited package. She DID tell me that at least it wasn't ticking! I might get down there tomorrow before work to pick that up, but I have my booth so packed that I don't really need to drop by so much as I have been.

  5. are a cool blog celebrity and I don't know your real name...likely could have asked Dana, but would have taken too much explaining. Enjoy:)

    1. "Cool blog celebrity" - oh go on ::coyly waving you away:: ...No Really Do Go On (& On!)