Thursday, October 24, 2013

Surely You've Got To Be Tired Of Looking At Lamps And Lighting, Right? So I Went Out And Picked Up Some Sweet Scandinavian Seating To Kinda Mix It Up! Status: IDENTIFIED! Farstrup Stolefabrik. .


I coulda' swore that I've seen these chairs on someone else's blog in the not too distant past, but I can't find 'em.  I did find one mention of these on another blog along with the associated dining table but it was just a picture from a craigslist ad and a brief description of the ad itself.  Nothing helpful.


As you can see there is a "Made In Denmark" stamp on the bottom of each chair and some other

illegible info.  The seat and legs are very much like the Folke Palsson chairs I found a few Summers

back while on vacation
.  Obviously, these aren't a match but they do share the screw in legs and the

plywood seat. 


When I picked these up the nice lady had them in her garage and when I stepped inside to take a look

at them she pressed a button to open the second garage door, but accidentally pressed the button to

close the first.  I stopped dead in my tracks and gave her a quick look.  She gave the closing door a

quizzical look and turned on her heel to press the other button and I joked asking "Oh're not

gonna murder me in here are ya?  I'd heard the stories, but I never thought it would happen to me!"

She laughed (thankfully...kinda morbid humor on my part) and asked if these were going to fit in the

car (really?).  I assured her that they would and paid the asking.  Why does everybody think the

Focus wagon is so diminutive?  Anyway, I should have these down at The Shag shortly.  I just got to

figure a way to hang 'em from the rafters first!


  1. Hey Mr. Mod, I think I have the post you were looking for. March 11 2013
    The thing is, my chair that looks pretty much identical to your chairs is marked "Made in Finland"

    1. Hi Bopfish.

      Yup, that's the post I was thinking of! But I don't think they are the same chairs. Mine don't have the additional cross bracing on the bottom and I think the top of the back is different too. Looks like we're both still looking!

  2. Go to this may be the dinette set by an unspecified designer for Farstrup Stolefabrik. The advertisement is dated 1971. This is a nice site for tracking down Danish furniture. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi John.

      You hit the nail on the head! It's Farstrup, though not of the set in the advertisement. See below.

      Mid-Century design chair by Farstrup, Made in Denmark