Monday, October 21, 2013

In The Basement...Under A Table...In A Box. Even After Being Number 28 Through The Door Saturday Morning I Was STILL The First To Grab Up This Pendant Lamp! Status: Cleaned Up And Ready For A New Home (Update - GONE!)


Well, this is actually Better than what I was presented with when I fount this set in the basement of the second estate sale Saturday morning.  The glass was covered in years of dust and there was some old old Old newsprint stuffed in there ostensibly for padding.


The "cones" of the shades were not pointing up like this when I found the box so it's easy to

understand why the other scavengers might have missed it.  The scrawling on the end of the box

probably didn't help.  There was lots of good retro stuff down in this basement but I wasn't really

looking for much...anything I could score was just icing on the cake.  There was a pair of what

looked like Baumritter Danish style lounge chairs, but I didn't even give them a second glance...and

I think they might have been sold already.  I didn't really need 'em.  I was only looking for small

goodies this time.


And small goodies I got!  I didn't even bother to pull this three light pendant out of the rather dirty

box it had been stored in to see if it was complete or broken.  It was cheap enough that it would have

still been a bargain for just parts.  But when I got it home and stuck some bulbs in the sockets it lit

right up!  And broken or missing parts!  How lucky am I?  And Oooohhhh, I was Real

careful with it after my last debacle with a three light pendant


I just need to wire up a temporary plug to the end of the swag chain before taking this beautiful set

to my booth at The Green Shag Market but this is more or less available now.  If you're looking for

some cool mid century lighting, check out The Shag.  I've got TONS of lamps and lighting in my

booth (so much that I had to shade my eye's when I plugged in the Orbit lamps I dropped off

!) and many of the other vendors stock great options as well.  The Green Shag might just be

your best bet when trying to find that perfect piece!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Anny.

      Thanks, I'm just glad nobody else noticed it under that table...and all that dust...before I did!

  2. That is most excellent - great score!

    1. Hi VDD.

      I'm glad that I not only spotted the fixture but took the chance that it woulf be complete and serviceable.

  3. That is really cool. I think you may have super picker powers, you always find the most amazing stuff!!

    1. Hi Myssie.

      Super Picker Powers would Rock since the Superhero types don't seem to suffer from fatigue! It'd be nice to arrive at an estate sale or flea market feeling fresh instead of whiped out!

  4. I don't even know you, but I feel as good about you getting this as when it happens to me. Internet fist bump!

  5. Such a stunner! I wish we had basements here. Who knows what I would find!

    1. Hi Francine.

      It is a pretty one. I haven't had a chance to hang it up in my booth yet but it is available locally on craigslist. No basements there? A lot like New Orleans.