Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Been TOO Long Since ANYONE Has Been Able To See This View Of Our Living Room / Cocktail Lounge. And Yes, I Know It's Still A Mess...But At Least You Can See The Floor! Status: Beat.


Like I said yesterday, I've been working like a mad man clearing out the living spaces here at the Modtomic Ranch. I just managed to get about 95% done this morning before heading off to work. Alas, I had little time to actually clean and de-clutter before the Girlfriend's big All Girl Party.

So yeah, I get to do all the heavy work and she gets to party. was all my mess and it

WAS A MESS!  And really, an all girl party?  What kinda fun can you have at that?  Ppphhhh.

Alls I know is I don't get to come home until I get the All Clear (that's not really alls I know...I

gots an idea what they're up to, and I bet it's a lot more fun than I could muster with an all

dude party!)


The crux of the situation is that I didn't have time to stage up a proper photo shoot (or as

close as Mr. Modtomic comes to such a thing) today. All I've got for you is this plant stand

that I picked up at the second estate sale last weekend. It's kind of a mess still but it'll clean

up nicely. A new coat of rattle can Satin Black will bring it back to life. I found it sans it's

flower pot and looked all over for one that fit while at the sale but nothing came of it. This

chrome bucket almost fits perfectly so it gets the nod. I actually bought the chrome bucket

for another "bullet planter" stand that I have but it didn't work. Glad I kept it around!


  1. Nothing lights a fire under us like a party, huh? Glad I'm not the only one who needs that kind of motivation sometimes. :)

    1. Hi Dana.

      Ugh, chores. But now the house is pretty much ready for another party! Alls we need are some guests who like free booze and snacks!

  2. You should show pictures of your awesome house more often. I love to see how aficionados decorate.