Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Of The Other Vendors At The Green Shag Market GAVE Me This American Airlines Eames First Class Amenity Tote! What I Need Now Is...Some Sort Of Use For It! Status: Too Cool.


Yeah, how cool were American Airlines that they employed the Eames' to design this little tote for their First Class stuff pouch?!  Not that I'd ever get a chance to fly first class but I'd probably do a spit take and bore my flight neighbors to tears talking their ears off about the Eames, if I was to be presented with one of these!


McDuff the Fluff approves.  He just HAD to be up there and in the photos.  Actually I think he's

just wondering why I'm taking pictures of some red thing and not a cute kitter cats.  Then I guess

he thought he'd help me out by getting up in the frame.  Thanks cat.  You're a great help. 


Have you ever seen one of these?  Did you even know such a thing existed?  Real Eames stuff can be

so expensive but you can probably score one of these - complete with all the amenities! - for about 10

or 15 bucks off eBay.  Yeah, I was surprised too!  I was hoping they were like a hundred bucks or

something but nope, kind of a bargain.  Still, not as much of a bargain as mine!


  1. I picked up a new in package black one at a local thrift store recently! My husband loves it and uses it when he travels.

    1. Hi Ashly.

      I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a good use for this. Back in the day I woulda used it to carry my Minidisc recorder and a pile of discs. I used to bootleg a ton of local and some national live music acts here in the StL.

  2. All's I have to say is that I just came back from flying first class on American both directions to Hawaii and all's a got was a free pair of cheap earphones!