Monday, October 7, 2013

The Estate Sale Companies Have Really Put Me Off Attending Sales Much Anymore But On Half A Lark We Decided To Take A Look Around One Saturday Afternoon, Just To See What Might Be Left. Status: Lane "First Edition" Score


I really had no hope of finding anything worth having still available at this East Side sale since we arrived at about noon.  Alas, everything that I would have wanted to take home with me WAS still available...but at a price.

Maybe this was why it was still available when we walked in.  The sellers had a full bedroom set

of Lane - First Edition bedroom furniture and for real, it wasn't all that expensive, especially for a

dresser, chest of drawers, two night stands and what appeared to be a full / queen headboard. 


They were willing to sell the entire set for a discounted price but I just couldn't pull the trigger on the

entire set.  I'm slightly over stocked and the dresser and chest had some chips in the drawer fronts that

just put me off a little too much.  So I left behind everything but this pair of night stands.


Let's face it, a matched pair of cool looking danish / mid century modern night stands are just gold.

These can be used as night stands or as end tables.  They can be used together or as a single.

Flexible, these be.  One could even be easily used as a TV stand with audio / video components

 hidden inside with the other used, again, as an end table.


I was so excited to have these that I hauled them out of the back of the car, cleaned them all up purdy

and took them down to The Green Shag Market this late afternoon.  That's right, these are available

Right Now!  And OMG, they were a mess when I grabbed 'em up.  Covered in dust and getting it out

from between the ripples in the door faces was a PAIN.  I didn't do a perfect job but they are now at

least presentable.  And of course, these are vintage and as a result bear the character of many years of

well loved use.  Go grab 'em up and give 'em some more love!

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