Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Pair Of Knoll Tulip Tables Lured Me Out Early This Morning But That Was A Swing And A Miss. Since I Was Up Anyway I Hit A Few Other Sales And Along With A Number Of Other Items, I Came Home With A Proper Shade For The Old Rocket Lamp! Status: Two Great Tastes...


This "Rocket Lamp" came home with us from one of our many vacations through the Smokey Mountains.  But it was rough...and had no shade.  It got cleaned up quite a while back, but a proper shade has eluded me...until today!


The Donor.  This morning was a bit of a scatter brain run around of three estate sales and one garage

sale, the last of which provided me with a number of cool lamps.  I wasn't even close to being first in

line either!  I arrived (after stopping at one estate sale [but didn't stick around] and hitting another and

a garage sale) about 30 minutes before this last sale and noticed a number of cars parked all around

the house.  I figured I would get a line number around 15 and when I approached the staffer with the

tickets I joked "What am I, about number...28?"  He pealed off a number and, was 28.  Guess

I should have played the lottery today!


I'd seen this lamp as well as a number of other good items in the photos on the ad, but being #28 I

didn't hold out much hope of getting much of what I was hoping for.  Still, BAM!!! This was the first

thing I was able to grab up!  I didn't even think of using the shade on the old rocket lamp from our

Cave City trip years ago until I was at diner earlier this evening!  When I got home I pulled the shade

off the new lamp and tested it on the old Rocket Lamp.  Perfect fit!  Sorry new lamp.  Your sacrifice

is noted and appreciated.  But don't despair, I've got a bunch of other shades and surely one of these

will help you find a new home!


Yup, this is definitely where this shade belongs.  You might remember this lamp from when I first

cleaned it up
or you might have read about some of my crazy attempts to rig up a shade for it.

Nothing really satisfied me and I'm certainly glad that I was patient.  Now I've just got to decide if

I can let it go since I've got so much emotion ::sniff sniff:: tied up in it!


  1. As you slid that shade on the rocket lamp, did you sigh "oh yeah, that's the stuff"? Because, it is; that lamp looks complete now.

    1. Hi Bopfish.

      ...and I got a little shiver when I did!

  2. What a perfect pair! I am surprised it was still there for lucky #28

    1. Hi Anny.

      So was I! You can't win 'em all, but it's nice to win once in a while.

  3. That shade looks like it was made for the rocket lamp.That rocket lamp is pretty cool.

    1. Hi Deanie.

      I was surprised by what a perfect fit it was. Sometimes it's just better to be lucky than good!