Friday, October 11, 2013

While I Was On The Funky 5:30 To 2am Shift I Got To Do A Little Thrifting. On One Of These Occasions I Found These "El' Mercer" Glasses But Wasn't Sure If They Were Vintage. Status: Got (Better Safe Than Sorry!)


I learned my lesson years ago about not leaving behind an item just 'cuz I'm not sure if it's vintage.  I almost left behind a lot of about 30 pieces of Franciscan Starburst dinnerware because I didn't think it was vintage (I thought it looked too new and that it might be from Target or something!).  So these El' Mercers made the cut.


I still know very little about the glassware.  I only found one other item on the web (an etsy ad) and it

wasn't very informative.  Anybody got anything?  They are straight up cool but again I was thinking

that they might just be new.  The etsy ad had some rocks glasses with a very different pattern but

listed them as I'm guessing these are too.  I've got no idea how to tell otherwise.


Along with the tumblers I found a nice addition to my collection of Libbey Silver Foliage.  I doubt

that I'll ever need or have a real use for a carafe, but I just couldn't resist.  I have, on the other hand,

been resisting buying many other pieces of the patten.  I think I've probably got enough.  But of

course that didn't stop me buying the El' Mercer set, did it?!  I'm still weak...just a little less so.

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