Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jeez. It Took Me A Full Week To Finally Get Around To Showing This Pole Lamp That I Picked Up Last Saturday. Better Late Than Never, Right! Status: Who Don't Like A Three Way?


It's so nice to have the previously filled living spaces back, even though I can no longer navigate any part of the Garage (heaven forbid a breaker blows!) or the spare bedroom.  The bonus is that I can more easily set up to take photos in the foyer again!


This was the only item that I saw in the estate sale ad for the first of two estate sales that I hit last

weekend.  I was about the 6th or 7th through the door but it was still sitting there waiting on me.  I

grabbed the price sticker off of it and trolled the rest of the sale before going back for it.  I'm glad

the sellers had it plugged in and lit up at the sale so I knew already that it was in good working

condition.  It didn't come with the colored bulbs you see here though, I pulled those out to test the

mid century modern pendant lamp I showed you a few days ago...and forgot to put them back.  Oops.


But the red, white and blue patriotic?!  I like putting colored bulbs in accent lamps here

in the house.  I like having lots of mid century lighting but who needs THAT many lights on in the

house?  Colored bulbs are low wattage and only put out a small amount of light.  Like the accent

lamp, they are just decorative.  Of course, this lamp might better be suited to being placed behind

your favorite reading chair and need proper white light bulbs.  And it's a three way with settings for

All, One, Two or No lights on, so one can choose the amount of light necessary for the task.  There is

some loss of finish, as is the norm with many vintage lamps, on the brass here and there but because

of it's reflective characteristics it's hard to notice until you get up close.  This particular lamp is

available, but I'm gonna put it in storage for now, until I get some space in the booth for it.  Yup, too

much stock!  Not a bad thing, not at all.

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