Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Been Telling Ya That I've Kinda Cut Back On My Impulse Buying Lately...But I'm Still Out There Looking. These Three Got Tweeted But If You Don't Follow My Tweets Ya Mighta' Missed Them. Plus, Trifts Of Terror? I Mean, WTF? Status: Glad The Cleanup Wasn't MY Job!


This is what happens when children are left unattended at the Goodwill...or probably anywhere.  I swear, I passed by this area five minutes before this appeared and while I find it deeply irritating that someone would do this (or let their kids do it)...I find it kinda beautiful in a purely artistic sense, and kinda puts me in the mind of the Pitch Drop Experiment.


In other news, I didn't buy this absolutely beautiful leather (yes, real and thick leather) and chrome

armchair in the style of Matteo Grassi.  It was SO cheap too.  Six Lousy Bucks @ the Goodwill in St.

Charles!  It was SO hard to leave behind, I mean...who couldn't make a quick buck off this?!  But

space is tight right now and I'm trying to be good.  I'm only taking the big fish and releasing the little



Same day, different goodwill.  This lovely chest of drawers had just been dropped on the floor at the

Harvester Goodwill.  I had to pass it by several times before the staff actually put the price on the

tag.  A mere $35 would have put this in the back of your whip...assuming your whip supported an

adequate boot.  I'm not sure I would have picked it up myself since I'm not much for the plinth base,

but it sure was a pretty piece otherwise.


This pair of teak dining chairs were at the Chesterfield Goodwill on Olive...where the black dripping

thing was.  As a matter of fact, one of the staff had cleaned up the mess, put it in a bowl and set it on

the chair facing away.  I tried like the Dickens to ID these chairs but came up empty.  If I'd have

found anything interesting out about these I would have gone ahead and dropped all 8 bucks on them

and brought them home but alas, I could find neither hide nor hair about them on the interwebs. 

Please don't tell me they are priceless.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Nick.

      It looked like ink but it was too thick for that. Dunno. I could just barely see that it was indeed "flowing".

  2. Funny!! I went to the Goodwill in St Charles this morning before reading this post and picked up that leather and chrome chair!! I have no idea where I am going to put it but for $6 it could not be left behind. :)

    1. Hi Myssie.

      Oooh. You Almost got to read about that chair here as a thrift score! I was SOOO tempted to just go ahead an snatch it up! Good score, you got good taste!

  3. After reading your blog and others and seeing the Goodwills you guys have, I'm convinced that either my Goodwill sucks or people here have never had any style whatsoever, mid-century or otherwise. Why oh why is my Goodwill nothing but a haven for four or five year old Walmart trappings? Jealous.

    1. Hi Dolly.

      Keep in mind that I will probably hit 8 - 12 thrifts on any given "hunt" and might come home empty handed. And we here in STL are blessed with MANY thrifts!

  4. All the MCM impulses stopped at the Iowa state line, I'd say. Teak? Forget about it. I don't think farmers are known for their fashion sense... Sigh.